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Cary Deuber Claps Back At Brandi Redmond Over Shady Joke She Made About Her Husband Mark Deuber! Plus She Calls Out D’Andra Simmons And Stephanie Hollman; Says “So Disappointed To See How Desperate These Housewives Have Become”

Cary Deuber is reacting to the videos that surfaced a few days ago where her former Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars Brandi Redmond making a joke about Dr. Mark Deuber and D'Andra Simmons throwing some shade at her during a live episode of Redmond and Stephanie Hollman's podcast, Weekly Dose of B.S.

If you recall, LeeAnne Locken made some allegations about Deuber's husband's sexuality, claiming that she knew guys who allegedly told her that they had performed oral sex to the plastic surgeon at The Round-Up, which is a western gay bar in Dallas.

Now, Redmond resurfaced the rumors during a live taping of her podcast. The clip went viral on Twitter, after Stephanie's assistant, Trey Stewart revealed that he “had a little love affair with one of your crew members.” After some laughter, Redmond asked, “Was it Mark Deuber?”

Which the audience including Hollman and Stewart laughed at Redmond's joke, Cary didn't find the joke funny and slammed her former co-stars for poking fun of the situation.

After a fan reached out to Deuber on Twitter, wondering her thoughts on Redmond's joke, she replied by sharing a gif of Whitney Houston's iconic line, "I don't think of her."

"Very thankful that I don't have to work in that toxic environment," she captioned the tweet.

Another fan reached out to Deuber and slammed Redmond's "classless" joke and the fan pointed out that Stephanie seemed "ok with this" after she is seen laughing to Redmond's joke.

"So disappointing to see that kind of behavior from women who saw the pain it caused my family and acted like friends," Cary replied.

After another fan came to Stephanie's defense,  Cary clapped back and called out Hollman for not being a real friend.

"A real friend doesn't encourage, laugh, or add on to the pain that they've seen firsthand over several years, " she tweeted. "If your friends act like that, it's time for new ones. #sad"

"I prefer watching fun fabulous moments and throwing shade over actual tea wearing hats and all the silly moments that we enjoy," she wrote. "Going below the belt to hurt my family...toxic"

She continued: "Perpetuating gay stereotypes... toxic, Supporting it all & faking nice... toxic."

Cary then tweeted, "I think going after people's husbands for fun is very tacky, very desperate. I'd rather focus on being an example for my children."

She continued: "It's only sad because our kids have to see everything we do. I'd rather focus on being a better example for my Z than going as low as some have," she tweeted. "But that's just me."

"I get it! Hurtful rumors & sh*t jokes are more #onbrand for some than others," she tweeted, adding the hashtag, "#nohardfeelings."

She added: "So disappointed to see how desperate these housewives have become."

Deuber also reacted to the shady comments that D'Andra Simmons made about her during Brandi and Stephanie's live taping of their podcast. Simmons was the special guest of the event.

Simmons was asked by a fan to rank her co-stars' wealth. She claimed Kameron Westcott and Hollman were “at the top” and believed she and Redmond are “equal” - Simmons then placed Kary Brittingham because she “doesn’t get anything from Eduardo” and then ranked LeeAnne Locken as the least rich of the cast.

In another clip, Simmons played “shag, marry, kill” and noted she would rather “kill” Cary Deuber and shag Locken over Cary’s husband, Mark. Simmons said she “likes Cary less than LeeAnne” and then defended her answer by yelling, “at least I’m honest!” at the audience once they began to boo her.

So how did Deuber reacted to Simmons' shady comments? After a fan told Deuber that D'Andra was simply answering a fan question, she clapped back.

"Honestly who knows who cares," she tweeted. "But I'll continue to not repeat the random things that audiences have save about everyone else's husbands," she added a tea emoji along with the hashtag, #messy."

"I was minding the business that pays me," she added. "Really wish my name didn't have to be brought up to get a little extra press chatter #desperate #messy"

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images