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Vicki Gunvalson Set To Face Off With Ex-Boyfriend Brooks Ayers In Court Over Unpaid Loan!

Vicki Gunvalson is scheduled to face off with her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers in court over a $266,000 loan he allegedly owes her. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is set to appear in court on December 6.

As previously reported, Gunvalson sued Ayers for breach of written agreement, breach of verbal agreement, fraud and more, claiming he owes her over $266,000, on March 29, 2019.

In the complaint, she claimed, “Commencing in or about 2011, Plaintiff Gunvalson and Defendant Ayers entered into a series of loans wherein Ayers borrowed various amounts of money from Gunvalson and Gunvalson agreed to loan such amounts to Ayers.”

The parties executed a written agreement regarding the loans on February 18, 2016.

“Ayers acknowledged the balance due on the loans in the amount of $184,899 to Gunvalson,” the papers read, according to Radar Online. “Ayers agreed to provide an accounting of all sums paid to him in various income streams.”

Gunvalson claimed Ayers breached the agreement by not paying her back. The Bravo reality star also claimed he failed to provide accounting as stated in the terms of the agreement.

In 2013, the two were involved in litigation in Clark County, Nevada. They incurred legal fees and expenses from legal representation through April 2015.

“Ayers was unable to pay his portion of the attorneys’ fees and costs incurred on his behalf in the litigation,” the court papers read, according to Radar Online. “The Parties entered into a verbal agreement wherein Ayers borrowed $81,652,97 from Gunvalson to pay for the legal services, attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in the Las Vegas litigation.”

Ayers has “failed and continued to fail to remedy or make good on the said account to Gunvalson.”

She claimed Ayers “had no intention of ever repaying either of the loans.”

Gunvalson accused him of “concealing and continuing to conceal accounting of his records” to “intentionally defraud and oppress Plaintiff.”

Vicki is asking for the sum in excess of $15,000 to be determined at trial, reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs incurred or to be incurred, interest and more.

Photo Credit: Bravo