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Tori Spelling Addresses Rumors She’s Joining RHOBH; Says “I Can’t Deal With Girl Drama”

Tori Spelling sets the record straight on rumors that she wants to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "That [rumor] keeps following me, and I've always said I'm just a huge fan," Tori told E! News.

"But no, not at all. I'm friends with so many of then and I'm a huge fan. I always say I watch the show. But no, I have never asked to be on the show."

Further, the actress also shared with E! News that even though fans think she would be a good fit to be on RHOBH, she thinks she "would get eaten alive on that show." "I'm too nice," Tori adds.

"The drama I like is like my family chaos at home and like, you know who's watching what and who wants to eat what for dinner? I can't deal with girl drama."

In a separate interview, Spelling revealed more details as to why she wouldn't join the Bravo hit reality series.

"I could never do that," she told PEOPLE. "I love to watch it and I’m friends with them, I’m just like nope, I just wanna watch it on TV."

Tori went on to explain that she’s never wanted to “put a statement out” about it, “but it keeps coming back.”

"It’s one of my favorite shows, but not to be on, just to watch. As a viewer like everyone else," Spelling added, noting that she "would get eaten alive" on the show.

"I am too nice and a people pleaser to get in those fights they get into," she shared.

Photo Credit: Getty Images