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Teresa Giudice Reunites With Caroline Manzo For A Special Project After Years Of Feuding On RHONJ!

Teresa Giudice has reunited with former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Caroline Manzo. The two ladies are working once again on a new project together in Los Angeles. A clip of the two surfaced on social media and went viral.

The clip features both ladies seated at a red table on an all-red set, having tea together and engaging in small talk.

The news comes days after it was announced that Teresa and her husband Joe have separated after 20 years of marriage.

Caroline walked away from the Bravo hit reality series after five seasons. Giudice had previously accused Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita of being behind the government’s investigation into her family’s finances. Both have denied those claims.

Most recently, at BravoCon in November, Manzo told fans that she had not seen Giudice for six years. And despite their tension, she said she wouldn’t flinch if they crossed paths. “I would say hello to her if I saw her. If I saw her tomorrow, and it’s face to face, you just say hello to each other,” Manzo said, according to PEOPLE. “It’s just human decency.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock