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Shannon Beador Sounds Off On Her Feud With Kelly Dodd; Says “We Are Not Friends”

Shannon Beador sounds off on her issues with Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd. “We are not friends,” Shannon told HollywoodLife. “I think that there’s been a lot of misconceptions this year that our friendship ended because she hit me on the head with the mallet. But the reason why our friendship has deteriorated, we were over that quickly.”

“She involved herself in a lawsuit and that has been financially devastating,” Shannon continued. “And I mean I literally cried on the phone with her and for her to offer help to the other side. I think that’s very low. Low and I’m a very loyal friend and I let her in to my inner circle and I expect loyalty and for her to do something like that, this is real life stuff. So I’m out.”

Shannon also reveals that she's looking forward to taking a break from the drama. “The reunion of the show aired, the first part aired last night and they’re doing the other two in the next week or so,” she added. “So I’m excited to finally have some free time and not do anything, so we’re just going to stay home. Just stay home for the holidays.”

Shannon was awarded over $100K in legal fees in the defamation lawsuit filed against her by Alexis Bellino‘s ex-husband Jim Bellino. Jim filed the lawsuit after he felt Shannon and Tamra Judge made slanderous comments about him on Heather McDonald's podcast, Juicy Scoop.

While Shannon was dismissed from the lawsuit, Tamra's case continues. Recently, Jim filed a lawsuit against Heather McDonald, but she's asking the judge to have the case dismissed.

Photo Credit: Bravo