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Shannon Beador Explains The Demise Of Her Friendship With Kelly Dodd!

Shannon Beador explains why she ended her friendship with Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd during the December 17 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "Well, I will tell you that the hit on the head [in Miraval], that was over within two hours. We were fine. That is not why I don't have a relationship with Kelly," Shannon said.

"I brought her into my inner circle and had a lot of heartfelt, tearfelt conversations about a lawsuit that I'm in, and she went to the other side and offered help. You don't go any lower than Kelly Dodd. This has been so financially devastating. She cried with me on the phone, yet then she showed me the proof of her conversation offering to help the other side. This is real life stuff going on here, and she went too low."

However, Kelly shared a different theory as to why she and Shannon are no longer friends during the show, tweeting: "Hey [Andy Cohen] ask your guest if she truly believes her own mental gymnastics she uses to justify things or if she’s just too embarrassed to admit she stopped being friends with me because that’s what Tamra [Judge] instructed her to do?"

Shannon then responded to Kelly's social media post on WWHL after Cohen read Dodd's tweet. "I'm a smart person. Nobody tells me what to do, and I'm not afraid of anyone," she said. "She calls me a psychopath or something at the reunion. Let's look at whose switch gets flipped all the time."

Shannon also revealed that her bestie Tamra Judge regretted her reconciliation with Dodd during the ladies' Florida trip earlier this season. "One thing about me is I have a very small group of friends, and so I treat all of that, I'm very loyal, but when I'm done with you, I'm done," Shannon explained during the WWHL After Show.

"Tamra's very forgiving. I wish that I were more forgiving because she is very easy to forgive. And then sometimes she realizes, 'Why did I do that? I made a mistake.' And that's what happened this time."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo