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RHOJ Friend Lerika Kleinhans Calls Out Christall Kay On Twitter; Calls Her A ‘B*tch’ And Accuses Her Of ‘Twisting Stories’ About Her!

Lerika Kleinhans, who made her grand return to The Real Housewives of Johannesburg during the recent episode of the current season of the 1Magic hit reality series took to Twitter after the episode aired and slammed cast member Christall Kay. Lerika referred to Kay as a "bitch" and accused her of talking behind her back.

"Yayyy. @ChristallKay u are wrong I am very loyal. Loyal to the money," Lerika wrote adding laughing emoji smilyes. "I still love you tho. U are the star of the show #rhoj#1magic#dstv well done on a brilliant performance . #champagnedarling"

"Just because a "friend" disagrees with your bullshit stunts it don't make them two faced. It makes them honest cause I said it to your face! Stop seeking constant validation from everyone people are tyaaaad . #rhoj"

She continued: Lastly my Loyalty lies to what grows me. Too my bank balance not to you who I haven't seen in a year. I didn't come to #RHOJ to see you . I wanted to meet the ladies . I regret getting you that Botox but then again you really needed it. #bitchbye!"

"[Christall] is only interesting when she is insulting others," she wrote. "The same bitch runnin to everyone twisting stories about me cause she could be my mother yet constantly feels the need to pick on me .Im the only one even Season 1 who agreed to film with this bitch now I'm the bad 1 #rhoj"

After our very own, Jean-Clean revealed that their feud makes him sad as he likes the two together, Lerika replied: "I like us too. But she's going at me for no reason . She's always talking behind my back off  camera I've never once called her name's . It's childish."

Photo Credit: Instagram