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Ester Dee Explains Why She ‘Needs To Have’ RHOCheshire Drama In Her Life And Admits To Being A Gold Digger; Says “I Like Gold And I Like Digging!”

Ester Dee joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire during the show's fifth season. The 33-year-old first appeared on the reality TV show sparked major controversy when she claimed to be engaged to millionaire property developer Rob Lloyd.

However, she was secretly married to millionaire John Temple, whom she tied the knot in 2015. Dee is also said to have hidden from John that Rob Lloyd was the father of her daughter, Pearl, telling him the child was his.

Some fans of the show labeled her as a gold-digger, amongst other things, but Ester has now defiantly said she doesn’t care what people think about her.

When asked if she minded being called a gold-digger Ester said: “Not at all.

“I’ve made myself look that way because I wanted everybody to divert the attention and think, ‘She’s actually quite clever, she knows what she’s doing,’” she told OK! UK. “Maybe it’s time to change that a bit. It was more of a mask on me. Do I give a monkey’s what people think? I don’t. I like gold and I like digging!”

Ester also admitted that she enjoys being involved in drama and actually needs to have it in her life.

When speaking about the filming the last series of the show, she said: “It was fun. We went to Prague and I did Playboy in the Czech Republic,” she said. “I don’t really show the maternal side of me, because I’m private about Pearl. I enjoyed it and I needed drama.”

Dee also reveals that she's worried that her daughter Pearl could get bullied due to her role in the ITVBe hit reality series. When asked if Pearl is aware of what her mum does on television, she told new!: “Yep. She calls it, Housewife Cheshire. If I’ve got a new skirt, she’ll go, ‘Housewife Cheshire.’

“I hope she won’t get picked on. I think some people might not agree with my character and speak about me at home and then children overhear that.

“I wouldn’t want her to get bullied over me or anything like that, but she’s a big character, so she’ll probably tell people, ‘Shut up!’” she told OK! UK. “Sometimes she’s shy and I can be quite shy. But other times she’s got a bad temper if she can’t have things.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe