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Denise Richards Reportedly ‘Is Ready To Hold’ Lisa Rinna ‘Accountable’ At Upcoming RHOBH Season 10 Reunion!

The alleged drama between Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards became public knowledge after Rinna called out Richards for missing the finale wrap party for the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at Dorit Kemsley’s house earlier this month.

“Rinna knew before the party that Denise wasn’t going to be there but that didn’t stop her from taking a dig at Denise on social media,” a source told Us Weekly, referring to Lisa commenting, “You said you were coming, you were meeting Garcelle [Beauvais], We never heard from you. What happened ?” on Denise’s December 17 Instagram post.

According to a second close to the show, production, for their part, “wasn’t aware until the last minute that Denise wasn’t coming.”

The first source, however, says Lisa’s social media activity “was just another example of Rinna trying to create more drama.”

But sources reveal that Denise is looking forward to calling out Rinna at the upcoming reunion taping.

“Denise is ready to hold Rinna accountable at the reunion, which will tape as the season progresses,” the first source adds.

The second source notes that two women “had a misunderstanding.”

“Lisa was not aware Denise wasn’t going to the party,” the second source told Us Weekly. “Prior to the party, Denise asked Lisa what she was wearing. The next season of RHOBH is going to be a good one! Denise and Lisa had a misunderstanding, but all is well.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to return in 2020!

Photo Credit: Pierre Villard/SIPA/Shutterstock; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock