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Ashley Darby’s Husband Michael Allegedly Got Into It With Candiace Dillard’s Husband Chris Bassett At The RHOP Season 5 Finale Taping!

According to new sources, Ashley Darby's husband Michael allegedly got into an explosive fight with Chris Bassett, who is the husband of Candiace Dillard during filming the upcoming fifth season finale taping of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

According to The Black Socialites, Michael verbally attacked Chris and Candiace at the Holiday/Finale Party. Apparently, Michael Darby got beyond drunk and all hell broke lose.

Sources say “Candiace and the rest of the ladies were loud talking and Michael aggressively approached Chris demanding that he get his wife under “control”. He then allegedly went back over to Candiace and started pointing his fingers in her face and being extra aggressive. Chris then began to defend his wife and the two were escorted outside. Security had to get Chris Bassett to calm all the way down because he was now in attack mode over Candiace. After talks with producers, Chris and Candiace eventually left. It was also reported that Ashley Darby was allegedly extremely embarrassed by Michael and she LEFT him at the venue ALONE! All of this allegedly took place after Juan and Robyn’s engagement.”

The outlet shares additional details of what allegedly went down between Darby and Bassett.

Sources reveal to The Black Socialite “that allegedly production is hot with Mr. Darby over his behavior during the Holiday/Finale Party for Season 5. Allegedly, Chris Bassett began physically pushing Michael Darby while they were having words” and apparently “Michael was OUTRAGED!”

“Michael then stormed to the Production room during filming “demanding” that they give him the footage of Chris Bassett pushing him! (Now storming in the room Production sets up in during filming is the #1 NO NO! Cameras can’t follow him in there and it messes with the flow of whatever is going on at the moment. Plus, Production is not going to want to stop taping to rewind footage for Michael.),” the source continued.

The source added: “This is allegedly why Ashley cussed Michael out and left alone him at the venue because it was said that she allegedly felt like he was now jeopardizing her position on Bravo as a Housewife.”

Photo Credit: Instagram