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Alex McCord’s Husband Simon van Kempen Graduates Law School!

Alex McCord’s husband Simon van Kempen has graduated law school. Earlier this month, the former Real Housewives of New York City star shared a video on Instagram of Simon during his graduation ceremony. “Breaking news! Simon van Kempen just graduated from law school!!!!!!!!,” she wrote.

Simon opened up about his accomplishment in a lengthy Facebook post. “After 4.5 years of full time study doing first an Associate Degree in Law, so I could practice as a Licensed Conveyancer, and then,yesterday, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws, I can get back on the treadmill! While studying has been bloody hard, coinciding with starting a new office of my brother's law firm, parenting two teenage boys, and of course being Alex's partner in life, I have to thank Alex, Francois & Johan for putting up with with me dealing with everything law school throws at you.”

He continued: “Every assignment due date and exam period, during each semester has seen my stress levels balloon and I would not have walked the graduating line yesterday but for my boys and above all Alex's support. Of course Alex has also had her own stressful full time studies since we arrived in Australia completing her Psychology degree (with 1st class honours) and then, yesterday, submitting her final paper for her Masters degree. I wish I now could take a break from studying but tomorrow I fly to Sydney to commence the next stage of my law studies, which in Australia entails completing a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) which is required to practice as a solicitor.”

He added: “I aim to complete that by early July 2020 and then that treadmill beckons as I strive to fit back into my red pleather pants!”

As previously reported, Alex, her, husband Simon van Kempen, and sons Francois and Johan, moved to Australia in late 2014.

“When Simon and I moved to Australia, we both decided that this was a time of midlife reinvention. What had we not done yet that we wanted to do? It's sort of like the world is our oyster. OK, new life, what are you gonna do?” Alex told The Daily Dish during her visit to the United States. “Simon decided to go to law school, and he's halfway through at this point. And I decided to get a degree in psychology.”

But this actually isn't a new passion for Alex. “Back when I was 18 and going to Northwestern, I sort of was up at night figuring, 'Am I gonna do theater or am I gonna do science?' And at the time, I decided on theater, was an actor for 10 years, quit, did the Housewives. I've done all that. Now it's time for science," she said. "I won't age out of it. I don't need boobs or Botox for it. I'm fascinated by the way the brain works.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images