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Vicki Gunvalson Files Lawsuit Against Kelly Dodd For Defamation!

According to Us Weekly, Vicki Gunvalson filed a lawsuit against her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd for allegedly making defamatory statements toward her.

The OG of the OC sued Dodd and the producers at Bravo and parent company NBCUniversal due to several accusations made by Kelly during filming. Kelly allegedly told her costar: “You prey on older people,” “You are a con woman” and “You engaged in ‘fraud.’”

Vicki claimed in court documents that the allegations were false and the statements could be detrimental to her career if they air on the Bravo hit reality series. She requested that the remarks be removed from upcoming episodes of the Bravo series, according to Us Weekly.

The publication claims that Gunvalson filed the lawsuit under the name “Jane Roe.” She is seeking an injunction on the airing of the episode and damages.

Vicki later requested to dismiss her complaint against Bravo and NBCUniversal, though her suit against Kelly stands.

A source reveals that the season 14 reunion films Friday, November 8. According to the insider, the cast members receive the final episodes to view ahead of the taping so “that’s likely how Vicki saw it was included,” reports Us Weekly.

Photo Credit: Bravo