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The Real Housewives Franchise Heads To Italy, Meet The Cast Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Naples’ — Watch Official Trailer Here!

We’ve had Vancouver, Chesire, Hungary, and Johannesburg and now it’s time for Naples! The Real Housewives of Naples (Real Housewives Di Napoli) premiered on November 29th, exclusively on DPlay Plus. The cast of the new series consists of six ladies: Daniela Sabella, Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano del Monte, Noemi Letizia, Raffaella Siervo, Simonetta De Luca, and Stella Giannicola.

In The Real Housewives of Naples, the lives of the six Neapolitan women will be told, between parties, events, business, and private meetings, with children, husbands or exes.

Meet the Wives:

Daniela Sabella

Daniela Sabella lives in Posillipo, she organizes events in her prestigious villa, Villa Sabella.  She is obsessed with the idea of ​​getting old and for this reason, she takes very good care of her diet and her body. It is sometimes reminiscent of cosmetic surgery.

Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano del Monte

Maria Consiglio Visco Marigliano del Monte is a duchess with a degree in Political Science and in Tourism Sciences with a Master's Degree in Marketing and a Master's Degree in Transport and Energy, she’s a journalist and a writer (she has recently published an erotic novel), a radio host of the show “Aristocratic”.  She lives her aristocratic life among private clubs and armored parties.  Her love is Chanty, her little dog.

Noemi Letizia

Noemi Letizia known as a former Papi Girl lives in Chiaia with her modern and extended family.  She has three children, two with her ex-husband Vittorio Romani and one with the fifty-year-old Neapolitan constructor Carlo Pica. She is fascinated by aesthetics, she loves creams and beauty treatments.  She treats her hair in an excessive way.  She has tattooed her favorite phrase on her arm: "Be hungry, be crazy!"

Raffaella Siervo

Raffaella Siervo lives in Torre del Greco and is a divorced mother. She descends from a historic family of pearl and coral merchants. She has a historic villa with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a private wood. She’s “all original” because she hasn’t done anything to her face.

Simonetta De Luca

Simonetta De Luca is a psychologist, stylist, and wellness networker.  She lives with her two daughters.  She loves boxing, martial arts, and motors, so much so that she hangs around with her motorbike and enjoys fast cars.

Stella Giannicola

Stella Giannicola, lives in Posillipo, she’s married and she’s been divorced three times. She’s the owner of the most important beauty center in Naples, the Stella Giannicola Institute. She loves collecting shoes, bags and evening dresses.  Her true passion is champagne.

Subscribers to Dplay Plus will have a first taste of the new series as early as November 29, 2019. Everyone else will have to wait until December. The reality show will be broadcast every Friday from December to January.

Source/Photo Credit: DPlay PLUS