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Teresa Giudice Breaks Her Silence About Reuniting With Husband Joe Giudice In Italy; Says She Is Taking Her Marriage To Joe “Day By Day”

Teresa Giudice gave her first interview since visiting her husband Joe Giudice in Italy. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star sat down with Good Morning America for an interview that aired Thursday morning where she spilled all the tea.

“I was overjoyed seeing my daughters seeing how happy they were seeing their dad. This trip was all about focusing on our daughters. It really wasn’t about us,” the mother of four said about daughters reconnecting with their father, according to PEOPLE.

When asked if she still loved her husband, Teresa said she would “always going to have a place in [her] heart” for Joe but doesn’t know about the future of their relationship.

“Imagine he lived in Italy and I lived here … I don’t know if that’s a feasible relationship,“ she told GMA, noting that she and Joe were taking things “day by day.”

When asked if she'll return to Italy to spend one-on-one time with her husband, Giudice demurred, saying she wasn't sure. She also said that she hadn't ruled out the possibility of finding love with someone else, noting that she and her husband “really want the best for each other.”

“There's always gonna be a place in my heart for Joe," she said. "I'm always gonna love him, no matter what.”

Despite everything she and her family have faced in the past few years, the mother-of-four reveals she has learned a lot about herself in the process. “I’ve learned — I have powers I never knew I had. I’m unbreakable,” she said.

Photo Credit: Instagram