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Porsha Williams Slams The Real Host Loni Love For Commenting On Her Relationship With Fiancé Dennis McKinley; Calls Her A ‘B*tch’ — Loni Responds!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams slammed the ladies at The Real for discussing her relationship with her fiance Dennis McKinley on the November 22 episode of the daytime talk show.

“I couldn’t do it but I’m not going to judge someone else for the way they choose to live their life or decisions she’s going to make,” co-host Adrienne Bailon said before adding, “I don’t understand it.”

Loni then chimed in by saying, “Let me tell you something, Porsha trying to get that reality show.”

Williams went off when she shared the clip on her Instagram and captioned it with “B***h F you! #FakeAss don’t run up smiling when I see you!”

“Porsha.. I didn’t say anything bad and you know it…it was a light hearted comment… I hope you get your show!” she wrote while adding the hashtag #comic

According to The Blast, RHOA fans have been showing Porsha major support over Loni Love’s comments. One said “Nobody knows what they’ll do until they’re put in that situation” and “Damn I dont think what she said was THAT bad. Spin offs are a thing Porsha. Relax sis lol 💜”

“Wow !!!! Disrespectful how women down each other !!!” wrote another.

Another follower wrote, “Get her Porsha. They gon' learn to keep yo name out they mouth.”

“Aht aht!!! Porsha you’re better than this. Don’t feed into the drama. You have too many blessings and can’t be concerned with stuff like this” said a fan.

“Haters, just mind your own business and the world would be a better place, do you @porsha4real and don't worry about nothing else, you have come a long way and don't let anyone throw you off track, GOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE @ the end of the day” commented a supporter.

A fan questioned, “I love Loni but in response to Tamar didn’t she say she would never put another black woman down? 🧐🧐🧐.”

“Don’t listen to the noise @porsha4real. Keep stacking your coins & living your best life. She gets on my nerve that’s one of the reasons I stopped watching the Real!!🙄” wrote a friend.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images