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NeNe Leakes Explains Why Marlo Hampton Doesn’t Need A Peach!

NeNe Leakes explains why Marlo Hampton, who's been a "friend" of The Real Housewives of Atlanta since Season 4 doesn't need a peach and praises her for she contributes to the show. “When Marlo first entered the show, there was a lot of talk about her past. And so I think that is what prevented her from getting a peach,” Leakes told ESSENCE.

The Original peach added that she knows her friend has changed from the woman she once was. “People have pasts and people…change as you grow when you get older,” the reality star explained.

Leakes then explains why Hampton doesn't need a peach. “Marlo’s role as a friend on the show is a very big role on the show. So, she’s seen a lot. She does everything that we do and she plays her role very well,” Leakes told ESSENCE. “What difference is a peach going to make? Really at the end of the day, what is it going to do—just to say I’m holding a peach? Because nothing’s going to change.’

Leakes continued, “She has the contract. She goes on the trips. She does everything we do. So, just to say, ‘I’m a housewife’…really? Is it really necessary?”

She concluded: “Sometimes I think people in certain roles, they are great in that role, and she’s great in that role.”

Photo Credit: Instagram