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Meghan King Edmonds Gives First Interview Following Split From Jim Edmonds, Calls Him ‘Controlling’ And ‘Manipulative’; Says “I’m Sick Of The Abuse And I Won’t Engage Anymore — And I Don’t Have To”

Meghan King Edmonds is sharing her side of the story for the first time since her split from Jim Edmonds. “I have to say that when he gave the ‘nice’ interview a few days ago, he was completely speaking for me. At that time I had not exchanged one text message with him and I have still not spoken to him on the phone,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star told Us Weekly, adding that since the split, she has kept things “calm, consistent, routine-based and light” at her home.

“I have endured prolific controlling by Jim and it isn’t slowing down. Even when I make an unassuming post on Instagram, he hurls insults at me for a battery of made-up indiscretions. I’m sick of the abuse and I won’t engage anymore — and I don’t have to.”

If you recall, on October 25, Meghan and Jim split after five years of marriage. An insider told the publication at the time that the former Bravo reality star had accused Jim of cheating with their nanny Carly Wilson. However, Jim and Carly both denied cheating allegations, and on October 30, Jim said that he was “saddened tremendously” that Meghan was hurting.

However, Meghan slams Jim's previous statement for making it sound like she had agreed to try and make things work: “That’s not fair to me. He is not my mouthpiece, and I believe the facade he presented is false and manipulative to the public while using and taking advantage of me.”

Jim’s statement, he said that he was “hoping for some peace, normalcy, and the ability to move forward in a healthy, happy direction for every single person involved” and noted that he loves his family “and will make it right again.”

Meghan admits she was blindsided by the divorce filing and she found out about it online. “Divorce had been discussed as something that could be possible but I truly thought he could change and work through his demons,” she says. “Divorce never really crossed my mind. I had to find a divorce lawyer in a matter of hours. He filed so quickly that it seems to me (and others) it had been ready to go and he just was waiting for an event to happen so he could pull the trigger.”

Meghan reacts to Jim's claims that she should be worried about money since filing for divorce. "It saddens me that the father of my children would so hostilely and haughtily say I should be worried about money, even during a time of anger. I don’t see that as putting our children first which has and always will be my first priority," she told Us Weekly.

She continued: "I did sign a prenup but it doesn’t pertain to child support or custody."

The mother-of-three then reacts to Jim's comments, saying their nanny Carly was like a daughter. "I thought the point of a nanny is for them to act as if our children are her surrogate children while we are away, so his statement describing her as a daughter was confusing to me. My husband has seven children so I don’t understand why or how he’d see a hired childcare provider as an additional child. To call her a daughter flagrantly crosses the lines of a professional relationship with respectable boundaries. I understand that to bring a nanny into our home is to embrace them as a member of our family in some ways, but the 'daughter' reference is still perplexing."

"I only ever privately alleged that Carly and my husband had an inappropriate relationship. It was Carly, Jim, and Jim’s daughter Hayley who repeated references such 'allegations' in the media and blew up this story. This is the very first time I have spoken to the media in the wake of this devastating scandal. Also, is it kind to secretly hang out with your boss’ husband at a bar until 1:30 a.m. and then delete all texts between the two of you? Is that putting my children first?"

Meghan then reacts to her stepdaughter Hayley and her mother-in-law's recent comments they made about her to the press.

"This was just plain sad to me. When Hayley’s mom was alive we had a wonderful relationship and her mother gave me permission to get Hayley through high school. I enrolled Hayley in school in St. Louis and she lived with us, and when she wanted to move back to California, I moved back with her. She lived with me and I enrolled her in high school there. Jimmy has said in the past that the only reason she has her diploma is due to my efforts."

"Jim’s mom has her own set of demons and when Jim sexted on me I emotionally unloaded on her for not nurturing her baby son so many years ago. There are many reasons for me arriving at this conclusion. I blamed his mom for part of Jim’s demons that led to his cheating on me. It wasn’t fair of me to do but this is what Hayley is referring to."

As for the shady comments her former RHOC co-star Kelly Dodd said about her split with Jim, Meghan says; "Well, it seems that even if Kelly was wrong at the time, it happened eventually. Now I am doubting most of his commitment during our relationship so perhaps, sadly, she was spot on," she told Us Weekly.

Meghan then shares how her children are dealing with their split and when was the last time the former professional athlete has seen his kids. "He hasn’t seen them since he left me — in no part due to any reluctance on my part — but hopefully, he will see them soon. In true toddler fashion, Aspen is especially concerned with her broken iPad (he reported it stolen so it’s wiped clean and unable to be reactivated except by the person who activated it originally which is Jim) and she can’t use it anymore but I kind of like that she has to make creative fun. The twins are unaware anything happened."

"I had to quickly come up with a way to tell Aspen we are getting divorced when Jim cleared out his closet the day after he told me he was leaving. (Meanwhile, I took our children to Baby Shark Live with my sister because Jim didn’t want to go). He did this because he had his assistant call me and pretend to offer laundry help for me and when I declined and asked she please not come to my house until things simmer down, she showed up at my house 10 minutes later with Jim. I had already left. Anyway, Jim hasn’t asked about how I told her or how she took the news. In fact, I don’t think it’s occurred to him that seeing his empty closet could scar our toddler. "

Meghan admits she tried to make it work after the sexting scandal. "I wanted to work things out really badly. I had ignored his bad behavior and swept it under the rug for so long but after he sexted, it became impossible for me to continue to do so," she told Us Weekly. "Instead of taking accountability, becoming transparent and making sacrifices to heal the hurt he caused me, he went the exact opposite direction and instead became a victim."

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images