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Margaret Josephs Says She ‘Wouldn’t Blame’ Teresa Giudice If She Cheated On Joe Giudice And Responds To Danielle Staub’s Claim She Broke Up Her Marriage!

Margaret Josephs is sharing her thoughts on rumors that her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Teresa Giudice cheated on her husband Joe Giudice, who was released from ICE custody last month and was sent to Itay where he awaits the final decision in his deportation appeal.

“They’re rumors, but I wouldn’t blame her,” Margaret told Us Weekly. “I mean, everything’s circumstantial. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and I am the last person to judge anybody cheating, considering the way I met my husband. And that’s what I stand by.”

"My goal is for all my friends to be happy, and Teresa’s been through it," she said. "So, of course, that was my stance all along. I wouldn’t blame her, and I’m not one to judge cheating rumors."

Despite their issues on RHONJ, Margaret reveals she will always support Teresa. "I am just always here for Teresa," Margaret told Us Weekly. "I always text her. I always check in, regardless of all any issue we’ve ever had. … She knows that I always stand by her, and I’m always thinking of her and the girls and just being supportive for her. Whatever she needs from me, emotional support, anything. Anything she would ever need from me."

In a separate interview, Margaret responds to Danielle Staub's claim that she is the reason why divorced ex-husband Marty Caffrey.

Margaret reveals that Caffrey called her husband Joe Benigno "to make up" after filing for divorce. "I think he realized what was going on," Margaret told TooFab, adding that Marty and Joe are now "friends."

"I actually felt sorry for Marty because -- and this is all public information -- she publicly trashed his family, filed a restraining order on him, accused him of abuse, all those things," she went on. "So I said to him, 'After she has publicly trashed your children, your family, accused you of heinous acts, I would not want you to go back to her. I think that you'd be very sorry to do something like that and humiliate yourself one more time and be made an ass out of.'"

Josephs then addresses Staub's comment seen in the Season 10 trailer where Danielle is seen telling Teresa that Margaret was the reason her marriage fell apart. "I mean, that would be amazing if that was the case! I don't know how I could've even done that, considering we weren't even speaking," Margaret told TooFab. "I can't be the cause of anyone's divorce, but that she could not even take responsibility for that just shows her mental state. I'll leave it at that. I just find it so entertaining."

When asked what she believes caused the rift between Staub and Caffrey, Margaret thinks Marty simply "saw her true colors. Love is blind. After they got married, she was probably like, 'Okay, all bets are off!' And that was it. He saw the real Danielle. The woman has been engaged 20 times at this point, and she only [got married] three times. Her average is not too good, if you know what I'm saying."

"Obviously, I'm psychic because they did file for divorce eight weeks after getting married," she added. "I always feel vindicated when I'm right."

Margaret made it clear that she and Danielle "will never be friends again. I always say that ship has sailed and sunk."

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images