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Kim Richards Gets Emotional While Opening Up About Her Sobriety; Says “Life Is Too Beautiful To Waste This”

Kim Richards opens up about her sobriety and reveals how staying healthy has helped her relationship with sister and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Kyle Richards. "I don't have room for anything," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"I have complete clarity. Especially doing my spiritual work and being a Reiki practitioner, I don't have room to have anything be foggy or… It isn't even about sobriety so much as I don't want it here because it's going to interfere with what I do… There isn't room for that."

The former child star said that it took burying previous grudges in order to move forward with Kyle.

"I think Kyle was texting me and I was not having it," she said, putting her hands on her hips playfully. "And I think, just through the spirit experience, where I'm at, my open heart, my open mind, just kind of put me in a place of… I think I just wrote her and said, 'Let's put this down. Let's put this away. Life is too, it can be too short. I love you and I miss you.' And she loved and missed me."

Richards grew emotional, her voice cracking as she added: "Life is too beautiful to waste this."

Photo Credit: Bravo