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Kelly Dodd Responds To Gina Kirschenheiter’s Shady WWHL Comments; Calls Her “Thirsty” And “Embarrassing”

Kelly Dodd reacts to Gina Kirschenheiter shady comments she made about the brunette beauty during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. It all went down when Cohen asked the Real Housewives of Orange County star how she felt about the comments Dodd made about her hair.

To which, Gina replied: "Honestly, I have lowered my expectations for Kelly Dodd. And I pretty much - anything that comes out of her mouth, I'm like: "Yeah, okay, it sounds like the sewage that generally comes out.""

Dodd took to Twitter to share a clip of the scene where Gina compared her to "sewage" and tweeted the following: "Sorry @GKirschenheiter just saying what everyone else is thinking," she wrote, adding "Byyyeee."

Dodd then slammed Kirschenheiter in a series of tweets as she responded to her followers.

After a fan recommended for Kelly to come for Gina at the reunion, Dodd replied: "That's easy !!"

After a fan questioned how Gina managed to get a second season due to her "Lacking class, style and that voice! Time to look for others that can earn that paycheck and viewer's loyalty."

Dodd replied: "Exactly"

Another viewer then tweeted: "Every once in a while Bravo mistakenly casts a woman who is genuinely dark & disturbed. @GKirschenheiter's regular display of vicious abuse toward others (including her small children) is chilling to watch."

Dodd simply replied: "Well said."

Then, when a viewer said that Gina used to be "so likable" until she became friends with Tamra and "lowered herself to Tamra's level. And now she's just unlikable," Dodd tagged co-star Emily Simpson and replied with: "@RealOCEmily see people see it! Fans are smart."

Dodd then "totally" agreed with a fan that Gina is only "clinging onto Tamra's a$$ for deal life" because "she knows if she wasn't liked by the group she would be axed in a minute" for being a "hot boring mess."

Dodd also agreed with a fan that Gina is "embarrassing to the show."

Dodd concluded by calling Gina "thirsty" and "embarrassing."

Looks like the RHOC reunion is going to be a doozy, I can't wait!

Photo Credit: Bravo