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Kelly Dodd And Tamra Judge Sound Off On The Drama From This Week’s Episode Of RHOC, Gretchen Rossi Praises Kelly For “Standing Up And Speaking” Her “Truth” About Tamra’s “Lies, Manipulation, False Perceptions, And The Friendships She Has Purposely Torn Apart”

Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge took to social media to share their thoughts on Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

If you recall, several ladies got together and came to the conclusion that Judge was behind a lot of hearsay within the group, accusing her of stirring the pot and being "two-faced."

Dodd ended up calling Judge a "snake." Kelly took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the dramatic situation.

"I called @braunwyn because I've learned that when you're dealing with certain types of people you need to fact check their stories on the spot ....," she tweeted. "Notice who panicked and who just defended themselves."

She continued: "How busted are the "Tres Amigas" in their lie right now? #RHOC"

"What are you all thankful for this holiday season?," she added. "I'm thankful for HD cameras & properly timed flashbacks."

As for Tamra, she also took to social media to share her thoughts on the messy episode.

After a fan called her out for talking bad about Shannon, Tamra replied; "I didn't," she wrote in the comment section of a recent Instagram post. "It's editing and taken out of context. I'd never talk bad about Shannon."

She added: "Kelly lied. Keep watching."

After a viewer praised her for creating drama and making a good show, she simply replied: "Thank you."

However, Judge's former cast member and nemesis, Gretchen Rossi praised Kelly for "standing up and speaking" her "truth" about Tamra’s "lies, manipulation, false perceptions, and the friendships she has purposely torn apart" on RHOC.

"I haven’t watched this season thus far, but many fans DM’d me telling me I had to watch tonights episode because everything I have said for years about Tamra finally comes to a head, and it was nice to actually see everyone in the cast recognize what this women has done for years, all the lies, manipulation, false perceptions, and the friendships she has purposely torn apart etc.," Rossi wrote in the comment section of Dodd's recent Instagram post.

"Too bad it doesn’t last and she is able to spew her poison once again and manipulate the women into believing it’s not her manipulating everything. 😏 Proud of you for standing up and speaking your truth about her, even though it’s scary to do because of how vindictive she is. I’m just so happy to be away from it anymore🙏🏻"

Dodd replied to Rossi's comment and wrote: "@gretchenrossi you told me and Mom did as well .. please forgive me .. Gretchen please forgive me .."

Gretchen replied to Kelly: "@kellyddodd it’s all good, I understand why you tried with her. I did it too 😏because sometimes it feels easier to just be friends with her then to deal with her bs, but she eventually and always will do what she does (it’s been her pattern for 14yrs) She has hurt so many with her vicious ways, lies, and manipulation. She gets rewarded for that behavior with her paycheck, so sadly it will never stop."

After a fan said that it was sad that Gina Kirshcenheiter couldn't see through Judge's manipulation, Gretchen responded: "It’s sad when Tamra gets a hold of the innocent ones that are going through a tough time and she just prances on them like a lion on it’s prey. Sadly She will eventually get hurt like we all have by her manipulation."

Gretchen added: "It's vindication for all the years of lies and BS," she wrote. "Just because I'm glad to be away from it doesn't mean I'll never have an opinion about it again."

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images