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Is Caroline Manzo Getting Her Own Cooking Show?!

Caroline Manzo took to Instagram on Monday, November 18, to tease fans about her new business venture. Alongside a photo of a camera monitor focused on her New Jersey kitchen, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum wrote, “Something good is coming.”

The photo is focused specifically on Manzo’s kitchen island, which is seemingly littered with several small bowls filled with various ingredients.

Manzo’s eldest son, Albie Manzo, got in on the family fun by making an intriguing comment in response to his mom’s post. “What? What’s coming? What is it?” the 33-year-old wondered. “I’ve got trust issues when it comes to cameras, man,” according to Us Weekly.

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Caroline’s social media followers wrote in the comment section of her post where they believed that she has a cooking show (or something like it) in the works. “Cooking with Caroline?” one fan guessed. Added another: “Yes!!! I hope this is a cooking show with you!!”

Meanwhile, others were just happy with the idea of Caroline potentially being back on the small screen again, regardless of what she’d actually be doing. “Omg anything with you. I will be happy,” one fan wrote.

Caroline is no stranger to the food business, considering her husband, Albert Manzo owns and operates an event and catering space called The Brownstone in Paterson, New Jersey.

Photo Credit: Bravo