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Inside Jax Taylor’s Feud With Tom Sandoval, Vanderpump Rules Cast Spill The Tea On ‘Dramatic’ New Cast!

The upcoming eighth season of Vanderpump Rules will feature seven new SURvers and the current cast of the Bravo hit reality series spill the tea on what viewers can expect in the new season. "It's probably going to be the best season of our show yet!" Tom Sandoval told TooFab.

"There are new faces here, and they are a dramatic bunch," revealed James Kennedy.

"That's the biggest thing, ya know, we're all very open and honest with where we are in our lives and our relationships and our friendships and everything -- so like the new people that came on did a really good job of being open and honest and connecting and that's what we want," explained Tom.

"That's all that matters, I feel like," agreed Ariana.

Meanwhile, sources are revealing details about the feud between Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor.

"Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor hung out with Tom Schwartz at TomTom for dinner [ on Nov. 8] because Schwartz’s mom is in town and they enjoyed a special night out," a source told HollywoodLife. "It was just like old times. They’re trying to rebuild their friendship after this past summer. Things are definitely not the same, but people were happy and surprised to see them spending a boys night out together on a Friday. It seems they’re both trying to get back to where they were, but that may never happen."

"Sandoval was so down and so hurt over the demise of his friendship with Jax, so it was a big step for them to all go out together," the source explained. "Sandoval is heartbroken over it. He’s a pretty emotional guy and still doesn’t get why Jax got so upset with him in the first place."

"Jax feels that Sandoval betrayed him over relationships with other cast members," the source added. "At the core though, Jax will always love Sandoval, which is why he is trying to mend fences with him."

Photo Credit: Bravo