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Gina Kirschenheiter Shares An Update On Her Children After Divorcing Matt Kirschenheiter And Opens Up About Her New Relationship With Boyfriend Travis Mullen!

Gina Kirschenheiter shares an update on her three children since divorcing her husband Matt Kirschenheiter. The Real Housewives of Orange County star reveals that “the kids are actually doing really great.”

“We move towns and they’re in a new school and the school is amazing,” she told Page Six. “Sienna is thriving. I actually just sat down with her teacher, who is wonderful. Shout out to Mrs. Jones! She really cares about my daughter and she’s a great teacher and it’s a great environment for her. And the progress that she’s made from the summer to now is so significant and it makes me so happy and proud of her. And it actually just makes me just feel so much better about the situation overall.”

“So I’m happy to report in that my kids are doing wonderful and they’re thriving. And I mean, they’re still fresh sometimes, but they’re their mom’s kids so it is what it is!”

Gina admits she has a hard time watching her divorce play out on the Bravo hit reality series, but she's not letting that stop her from enjoying her new relationship with boyfriend Travis.

“I think it’s always been kind of hard for me to watch my own storyline because it is pretty real and raw and intense and hard,” Kirschenheiter told Page Six.

“For whatever reason, though, I get more embarrassed even watching me even reference in a very brief way like anybody who I went on a date with for like five seconds!” she said with a laugh, noting that it’s harder to see herself talk about failed dates than it is for her to watch herself talk about her ex-husband, Matt Kirschenheiter.

Despite the ongoing drama with her ex and co-stars, Gina is happy in her relationship with her boyfriend.

“So it’s kind of interesting because I basically don’t like anybody generally. And I kind of knew that I liked Travis before we even had met, just based off of like how we would talk to each other. And he was just like, really open with his feelings, like no game playing, no bulls–t. And we seem to have like the same outlook on life. And I kind of knew honestly that I really liked him before I even met him. So then I was just kind of like when he showed up for the first date, like, please think he’s hot. Please think he’s hot! And he is! So I win!”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram