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Former RHOCheshire Star Leanne Brown Warns Women About Breast Implant Illness After Removing Her Implants!

Leanne Brown had her breast implants out after they made her sick. The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star said the 'toxic bags" in her body caused her to suffer illness and urged her followers on social media to be more aware of what their fake boobs might be doing to their bodies.

Leanne, who had her the removal surgery last week shared a series of posts on her Instagram Stories. The reality star included pictures of a ruptured implant as a warning to others, alongside the image of the damaged implant.

"This is one of the worst capsules I have seen but I wanted to share this as both were ruptured terribly calcified and as it says interestingly the mammogram came back negative!," she wrote, according to The Sun.

"If you don't feel right don't take no for an answer ladies!"

Leanne shared was a video featuring Dr. Terry DuBrow from the E!'s  Botched, with the caption: "You know when Botched Dr starts talking about breast implant illness it's real! Listen!"

She then added links to reports showing various worrying statistics about implant-related illnesses and how many implants have been recalled in the U.S.

"Why am I still getting messages from women saying that the surgeons will not remove these kind of implants!" she wrote. "Class 1 recall surely means you have a right to have them removed they are poison."

Photo Credit: ITVBe