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Former RHOC Star Quinn Fry Weighs In On Season 14 Drama And Slams Tamra Judge, Tamra Calls Out Producers For Giving Her The “F*cked Edit This Season”; Claims She Was “Set Up” And Denies Saying “Nasty Things” About Shannon Beador!

Tamra Judge has caught herself in the middle of some drama on the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The mother-of-four was "exposed" for stirring the pot and accused of being a "snake" by co-star Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson, and Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

However, former RHOC cast member Quinn Fryslammed Judge on Twitter. After a fan asked if Tamra was simply paid to be a villain or if "she really that bad of a person," Fry replied with the following:

"She really is that bad," Quinn said of Tamra.

Meanwhile, Tamra is calling out production for "getting the f*cked edit this season," after she was accused by Kelly Dodd of talking smack about Shannon Beador behind her back.

"Yes I'm sick of getting the f*cked edit this season!!!," Judge wrote via her Instagram Story. "Yes, I went in hot!!! There was a reason I thought Shannon had something to do with it"

"But of course they don't show that reason! No I did not say nasty things about Shannon... It was all a setup, clearly, we are still best friends. You'll find out who the real snake [is] soon!"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images, Bravo