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Erika Girardi’s Husband Tom Girardi Ends Legal Battle Over $15 Million Loan, Pays Off $6 Million Judgement!

Erika Girardi's husband Tom Girardi has paid off a $6 million-dollar judgment in full. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband and his law firm have been battling a company named Law Finance Group in court.

In newly filed court papers, Law Finance has informed the court Girardi has paid off the remaining $3 million plus owed. They state the judgment has been fully satisfied. The case will now officially be closed.

Law Finance Group sued Thomas earlier this year in an attempt to collect on the money, saying he had failed to pay back a loan on time. Girardi demanded the suit be thrown out and denied wrongdoing.

The company claimed they hashed out a settlement deal with Girardi where he agreed to pay back the entire debt by July 7, 2019.

Erika Girardi was dragged in her husband's lawsuit. The company wanted her to provide her financial records including bank statements and sources of income, in an attempt to collect on the debt owed to them.

Law Finances Group explained they wanted to “examine Erika Jayne aka Erika Girardi, whom I have reason to believe is the spouse of Judgment Debtor Thomas V. Girardi.”

They believed Erika is “currently in possession of personal property individually owned by the Judgment Debtor or jointly owned by Erika” and Girardi. They also want to grill her about the “whereabouts of personal property” and real property owned by her husband.

In the original lawsuit, Tom made a payment of $10 million on June 7, but the company claimed that Girardi failed to pay the remaining $6 million by the deadline.

Law Finance Group attempted to get the court to grant them a judgment immediately in the amount of $6 million, but the court said they would hear it at a later hearing, reported The Blast.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images