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Danielle Staub Explains Why She Ended Her Engagement To Oliver Maier And Shares An Update On Her Love Life!

Danielle Staub shares an update on her love life after her split from fiancé Oliver Maier, revealing that while she’s been asked on many dates since the July breakup, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star admits she’s “over dating.”

“I’ve had a lot of offers to date, and have been asked out a lot, but I’m not interested anymore. I’m over dating and over all that. The free time I have, I want to spend it at home with my two daughters, being happy,” she told PEOPLE.

“Looking back, I’ve realized that I was so focused on making the other person happy in my relationships, I forgot myself,” she adds. “Men have needed me, I haven’t need them. They made or kept their money because they had me, a pretty woman, by their side and they didn’t have to go looking for anything. Guess what happens after that? I ended up with nothing after those relationships. That makes me the one that was used. And I’m done with that.”

According to Staub, things between her and Maier fell apart on July 3, when her 14-year-old dog Paradise died. At the time, Staub claims Maier was just getting out of a long stint in rehab. When Staub asked for his support, he allegedly ghosted her.

“I saw him through his problems. For over six months. Stood by his side. And then, in my time of need, he was nowhere to be found,” Staub said. “I was focused on me for the first time in our entire relationship, but because I wasn’t saving him, he didn’t care.”

The two haven’t seen on another since, she says. “He disappeared and went back to Europe,” she told PEOPLE. “July 3 was the last time I saw him, when he came to the house to say goodbye to Paradise. That was it.”

“Not at all,” Staub said when asked if she still missed him. “Good riddance. Thank you, Jesus!”

These days, Staub reveals she’s gotten into the real estate business, “doing things that collectively make me feel so important.”

“Guess what? A lot of those ex-fiancés of mine? They’re a lot of the billionaires who own the hotels. So I have the contacts,” Staub jokes.

The mother-of-two assures she's a great place.  “I’m happy with myself now, for the first time in my life,” Staub told PEOPLE. “I’ve learned a lot, and I want to stay in that space. And I want to lead people to their perfect place of happiness too, ’cause everyone can achieve it. The way people are treating other people is just horrible. They’re not finding a place of peace in their own selves so they can’t find it anybody else, so that tortures them. I go to sleep grateful and wake up grateful. Just be peaceful and people will be drawn to it.”

As for those who still bring up her past relationships to mock her? Staub laughs them off. “You know how I got engaged to all 19 of those guys before I met the father of my children? I told them I was a virgin and wouldn’t have sex until I was married,” Staub said. “That will get a man to put on a ring on the finger of a woman who looked like me. I was street smart. I was smart!”

“If I was engaged 21 times and I married the 20th, was it really that bad?” she asks.

Photo Credit: Bravo