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Cynthia Bailey’s Daughter Noelle Robinson Comes Out As Sexually Fluid!

Noelle Robinson, the daughter of Cynthia Bailey came out as sexually fluid on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “People try to box everyone in and put labels on everything, but I don’t really do that,” Noelle told Bailey, according to PEOPLE.

“I just like who I like, and that’s just what it is. There’s a lot of attractive guys, and there’s a lot of attractive girls.”

Noelle revealed that she began exploring her sexuality during her freshman year at Howard University.

“It really just came out of nowhere,” she said. “I wasn’t really expecting that to happen.”

Bailey admits she was surprised but her daughter's confession, not about her sexuality, but because she didn’t expect her daughter to be dating at all.

“Since Noelle has been in college, she told me that she thought she was fluid. I just didn’t know that she was out there being fluid … flowing,” Bailey told audiences.

“We all love and support Noelle. It’s just new for us,” Bailey added. “We’re just trying to get used to it.”

Regardless, Bailey made sure her daughter felt fully supported. “I just want you to be happy, Noelle,” Bailey said. “If you meet an amazing young lady, that’s a blessing. If you meet an amazing young man, that’s a blessing. As long as they’re good people and they love and support you.”

“It makes me excited that Noelle has a safe space to share,” Bailey confessed to viewers. “Love is love.”

Bailey then asked her daughter who was dating. “Who do you like now? Who are you kicking it with now? Is it a male or a female and when am I going to meet them?” she pestered her only child.

“I don’t have anyone I’m officially dating at this point,” Noelle said. “I just got back from college. I’m just trying to get settled in.”

Photo Credit: Instagram