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Andy Cohen Says He ‘Never Could Have Imagined’ Bravo’s Success And Reveals Who Really Pays For ‘Real Housewives’ Cast Trips!

Andy Cohen claims he could have never imagined where he’d be 15 years later when he first arrived at Bravo in 2004. “No, absolutely not,” Cohen said, according to Page Six. “Never could have imagined. I signed on to be behind the scenes and I didn’t ever think this would happen.”

Cohen was quick to deflect the praise and thanked the people who work at Bravo: “Not single-handedly. I work with an incredible group of people at Bravo — we are like a fine-tuned machine and we all knew our brand, we knew the audience, we knew something good when we saw it, and we just work together terrifically.”

In a separate event, Andy Cohen was asked who pays the Real Housewives cast trips. “We do,” Andy told OK! Magazine about who pays for the lavish cast trips during a discussion about 2020 travel trends with Expedia and Vrbo.

. “Frankly, we do yeah but you know it depends on the vacation actually.”

“There have been some that have been generated by us and there have been some that have been generated by them. The women take the planning of the vacation really seriously and so it's a case by case but we have paid for them, yes.”

Photo Credit: Bravo