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Teresa Giudice Thinks Husband Joe Giudice’s Move To Italy Is ‘A Blessing In Disguise’, Sources Say!

As previously reported, Joe Giudice was granted permission to be released from ICE custody and move to Italy, where the Real Housewives of New Jersey star will continue to appeal his deportation order. Now, sources are revealing how Teresa Giudice and her daughters are coping with the news.

“Joe Giudice going back to Italy has brought Teresa’s girls even closer than ever, so in a way, she looks at this whole situation as a blessing in disguise,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Gia is so instrumental in all of this and she even left Rutgers immediately when she heard Joe was going back to Italy just to be there with her sisters. Gia is so mature and amazing and has been another rock for Teresa. She just wants this to all be over for her daughters. Though there are no plans to visit yet, she of course will figure out something for the girls to see their father,” our insider adds.

The news comes after judges granted Joe Giudice‘s request to be released from ICE custody and move to Italy, where the father-of-four will continue to appeal his deportation order. Giudice family attorney James J. Leonard confirmed the news to PEOPLE that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s petition, which he filed in late September, has been approved.

His lawyers said in documents obtained by PEOPLE that Joe was hoping to get out so he could work to make money for his family. They also stated that Joe is still hopeful his appeal will be granted, allowing him to stay in the United States. In the event that he does prevail in his case after he has been sent to Italy, Joe requests that ICE facilitate his return home.

According to E! News, the father of four is expected to return to Italy in the coming weeks. Flight arrangements and a travel document are in the works. Another source told the outlet that there is a plan in place and a location picked out for Joe. The next court date regarding Joe's appeal is in November.

Photo Credit: Getty Images