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Stassi Schroeder And Fiancé Beau Clark Share ‘Chic AF’ Engagement Photos And Reveal Wedding Day Location — See Pics Here!

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark got engaged back in July in a graveyard. Now, the Vanderpump Rules couple decided to go with a more traditional location for their engagement photos: a West Hollywood hotel suite.

“The balcony was giving us Parisian vibes,” she told PEOPLE. “The thing we love doing the most together is traveling and feel like we spend most of our time in hotels — so we thought it was a good way to capture who we are as a couple.”

Schroder reveals what was the inspiration behind their engagement photos. “Beau and I have different styles — he has a more eclectic style and mine is more classic,” she explains. “So we wanted to incorporate both of our styles as well as all of our weirdness and individual quirks — while still keeping it chic AF.”

She continued: “We also brought our babies, Luda and Refund, who are literally Victoria’s Secret models — we didn’t even know it,” she says. All in all, the shoot took a few hours. “It never feels natural being romantic in front of a shit ton of people watching / taking photos,” Schroeder admits. “But we are so comfortable with each other that we just laughed the whole time.”

“Beau had a lot of fun, he doesn’t think he is a natural in front of the camera — but I think he is,” she adds. The couple also exclusively confirm to PEOPLE: “We have hired wedding planners and have chosen the location — it is going to be in Rome, Italy.”

All Photo Credit: Ian Maddox via PEOPLE