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Slice May Consider Bringing Back Either The Real Housewives Of Vancouver Or The Real Housewives Of Toronto!

Looks like the Real Housewives franchise may return to Canada. According to Ronnie Negus, who is an original cast member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver revealed on Instagram that production is concerning bringing back either RHOV or The Real Housewives of Toronto.

"Calling All Housewives .... Have you heard ~ East Or West ?? I have been told by production that they may be bringing One City Back ! Will it Be VANCOUVER RHOV or TORONTO RHOT ? Thoughts ?? 💭 💭 •," she wrote, adding "Discussions have started here at the @hazeltonto with my dear friend @joannevivoloofficial whom I just adore 😁"

Back in 2013, Slice confirmed that they were putting RHOV "on hiatus" despite pulling strong television ratings for the network, which they later cancelled the series after two successful seasons.

In June 2016, three years later after the cancellation of RHOV, Corus confirmed that they were working on the first season of RHOT, which premiered on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 on Slice.

However, in June 2017 they confirmed that the show wasn't returning for a second season. “I thought the first season was really fun, but whether we do Toronto again, or maybe even another city, I don’t know,” Barbara Williams, Programming Chief of Corus Entertainment told Toronto Star at the time. “We won’t bring it back right away in the fall. We may take a bit of a break.”

Which series would you like to see back? RHOV or RHOT? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Slice