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Ronnie Negus Shares Touching Update On Daughter Remy’s Health!

Real Housewives of Vancouver alum Ronnie Negus has taken to Instagram to give a health update on her daughter Remy. "REMY UPDATE :) It’s been about a year since I have given an update on our daughter Remington and because so many people DM me and ask me how she is doing .... here it is....," she wrote.

"For those of you who have followed her story and for those of you who know nothing about her .... Remy who is now 17 continues to struggle since her extreme premature birth and nearly dying 5 years ago, with a bleak prognosis of coming off of life support and living any type of normal life, now lives on a neighboring island outside of Vancouver in a home our family have bought for her with 24/7 round the clock caregivers and support team."

"Things are as stable as they can be but “very challenging” at the moment as we as a family collaboratively try and find the best way to support her and are now turning to exploring the options of brain electrode surgery and magnetics. We are in Miami all of this week at brain tech conferences to see the incredible technology that is now available."

She continued: "Remy wants everyone to know that some days are good some days bad but she is well, but is bored and currently looking for a boyfriend, 😂😂 Thanking everyone for their generous support love and encouragement on this incredibly challenging journey."

"Thanking Remington as I’ve said it before for being one of my greatest teachers, who has tested my patience to the max !! .....who has helped me understand life and our existence here on this earth in an incredible unique way, who has taught me unconditional love, & and has made me a better person, who has taught me to be Humble and Kind to everyone, & to remember that people come in all forms, colors, shapes and sizes some with more abilities and opportunities than others and some with disabilities and less opportunities, some are gifted and blessed in multiple ways while others continue to struggle yet we are all uniquely Gods children and have all come to this earth, to love, learn, grow teach and leave the word a better place."

She added: "Some of the most amazing people I know are the ones who struggle the most and have impacted my life in the most profound ways. Thank you for being one of those people Remy. I love you, Forever mom ♥️"

If you recall during the first season reunion special, Ronnie revealed that her daughter Remy had choked on a piece of steak and was declared clinically dead. “She was 22 minutes down,” she previously told North Shore News. “It was horrific. She turned solid blue. I went into absolute shock.”

To make matters worse, the family’s housekeeper had a massive heart attack while giving Remy CPR. While both of them survived, Remy’s cognition wasn’t the same after that day, according to the publication.

“Nobody thought that she was going to come off of life support, but she did,” said Negus, who is inspired by her daughter’s resiliency.

Following the unfortunate incident, Negus suffered post-traumatic stress disorder when filming started for the second season of the Slice hit reality series.

“And I thought it would be good for me, and in hindsight it was really the worst thing,” she previously told North Shore News. “I should have taken that time to heal.”

These days Remy lives in a home with caregivers on Salt Spring Island, where she visits “all of the time.”

Photo Credit: Instagram