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Robyn Dixon Reacts To Ramona Singer Snubbing Gizelle Bryant; Says “It Wasn’t Surprising At All, Which Is Very Sad To Say”

Robyn Dixon is sharing her thoughts on reports that Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer snubbed her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Gizelle Bryant during a charity event in the Hamptons.

During a recent interview, Dixon was asked if Bryant has forgiven Singer for snubbing her over the summer. “Forgiven? I mean, it’s kind of crazy because it’s like it wasn’t surprising at all, which is very sad to say,” Robyn told HollywoodLife.

“It’s like, I understand that Ramona’s been in the franchise for a very, very long time, but that’s no reason to treat someone that way,” she continued. “We’re all kind of in this battle together. It’s almost like you liken it to a sorority. You’ve just been in the sorority a little bit longer, but we’re all sorority sisters so you should extend the same respect and kindness to everyone.”

“It wasn’t surprising because I’ve heard of this kind of shady behavior and not so nice behavior from her before, so I guess she’s just like the mean sorority sister,” said Robyn.

“But just from what I hear — she’s not the nicest person, maybe for people that she doesn’t really know that well.” However, Gizelle admitted “that’s fine,” since Robyn said Gizelle didn’t take the shade personally. “I think it just speaks to maybe Ramona’s personality, which might be just a little bit harsher and colder than what people are used to.”

Robyn recalls the times she has come across Ramona Singer. “I’ve met her before a couple of times, like [at Andy Cohen’s] baby shower, and I met her like at the last few events. It was very brief and in passing,” she told HollywoodLife.

Photo Credit: Bravo