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Porsha Williams Shares An Update On Her Relationship With Fiancé Dennis McKinley; Says “We’re Going Day By Day Rebuilding Our Relationship”

Porsha Williams is sharing an update on how she and fiancé Dennis McKinley are doing these days after rekindling their romance and getting re-engaged following their June split. “We’re happy and we’re raising our daughter together,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Us Weekly.

“It’s been a long road, one we’re still on. We’re going day by day rebuilding our relationship and making sure our foundation is where we want it to be to have a strong family.”

If you recall, split rumors came after cheating rumors became viral on social media, which Dennis has denied. Porsha reveals that fans of the series will see it all displayed in the upcoming season.

“Fans will see everything. I think fans like the fact that I’ve always been very honest and transparent, and I definitely had to just dig in and continue to be that way, even though I was going through a hard time,” she continued. “Fans will see us in counseling and will see me dealing with real life. A lot of what a lot of people deal with in relationships, they’re going to see on TV — the good and the bad and the ugly.”

Williams reveals that sharing her truth about her relationship with McKinley on the Bravo hit reality series has been difficult.

“I think the cameras became so big,” she told Us Weekly. “Having to deal with a breakup on camera, having to deal with just what we were going to do as a family, it was really difficult.”

Photo Credit: Bravo