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NeNe Leakes Hopes Some “Bullies” Get Exposed This Season On RHOA!

NeNe Leakes reveals why she's the most excited about the upcoming twelfth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I’m excited for them to finally, or hopefully, I will be praying with my wig off, they get to show some of [my costars’] true colors this season and show who they truly are,” she told Us Weekly.

“So I hope that that will come full circle. And let’s see some of the real bullies that are around here. And let’s see, I hope they show, some of the gang up. Because there’s a lot of ganging up.”

She continued: “These girls do a lot of things to each other. But if I do the same thing, it seems like it’s a little bit more elevated. So I hope that the fans get to see all of that.”

NeNe also teases about her friendship with Cynthia Bailey, which came to an end at the end of Season 11.

“I think you really need to tune in to see what happens,” NeNe said about her relationship with Bailey. “I think, and I will put that in capital letters, THINK. OK? That they may, they might for once try to show Cynthia the way she truly is on camera. They may decide to show that maybe once, honey. … Maybe once they’ll decide to show who she really is on camera. Because who you guys have known her to be over the years is not who she is.”

NeNe also dishes about Kenya Moore's return to the series. “I think Kenya’s great for the show,” NeNe told Us Weekly. “So I didn’t feel any kind of way other than, look, I’m here on the show. I’ve been on the show for many years and I want the show to stay around for the next 10 or 15 years.”

However, Leakes is most excited to share with fans how Gregg is doing after battling cancer.

“I’m looking forward to the fans seeing that Gregg’s health has come full circle and we’re really happy about that because that was a lot of pressure on us,” she explained. “I’m looking forward to them seeing the journey that I take, a spiritual journey, and excited for them to see that and how that ends up for me.”

Photo Credit: Bravo