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Mpho Merriweather Teases What Viewers Can Expect In Season 2 Of The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg!

Mpho Merriweather explains what viewers can expect in the second season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. “They can expect a lot of laughter, they can expect a lot of truth, and they can expect drama - I think, and there’s a whole lotta fun,” she told Dstv.

Merriweather shares the biggest misconception about the show. "That it’s all fake and made-up. This is my daily life," she said. "The struggle is real, folks."

Mpho then reveals how her filming schedule affected her and her family. "I had to get up earlier to have my face beat done, which was hard for me, because me and mornings are like oil and water. My family was not involved, so they weren’t affected."

So what was the worst thing about doing the show? "My worst thing is to hurry up and wait. Patience isn’t my best virtue – too much to do and see all the time!"

So who was Mpho's favorite cast member in the first season of RHOJ? "That would be Brinnette [Seopela]," she said.

As far as her favorite overseas Housewive, "NeNe [Leakes] from The Real Housewives of Atlanta; we both don’t give a toss."

Merriweather then reveals why she decided to join the 1Magic reality series. "I “do” people. I like pushing their buttons, so I figured it could be quite entertaining doing that across the board on television," she told Dstv.

Photo Credit: 1Magic