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Mary Amons Calls Former RHODC Co-Star Michaele Schon A “Rockstar” For Marrying Neal Schon And Admits She Wants Michaele To Be Part Of The Upcoming 10th Anniversary Reunion!

Mary Amons calls Michaele Schon, formally known as Michaele Salahi a “rockstar” for marrying Neal Schon from the legendary rock band Journey. Amons also reveals she hopes that Schon becomes part of the upcoming Real Housewives of D.C. reunion.

After a fan wrote that she can't believe how well Michaele did for getting married to Neal Schon, Mary wrote, "Right!? #ROCKSTAR #RHODC #dontstopbelievein"

Earlier this week, Mary confirmed on social media that she was going to be reuniting with her former Real Housewives of D.C. co-stars Cat Ommanney,  Lynda Erkiletian, and Stacie Turner to celebrate the show's tenth anniversary when they first filmed the now-canceled Bravo hit reality series.

After a fan revealed that they hope to see all the ladies together, including Michaele, she responded: "Meeee toooo!"

Amons has teased about the upcoming reunion on Twitter. She has not confirmed or denied if the reunion will be a televised special for Bravo. But when asked, she simply responds with, "Watch What Happens" along with a wink.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Getty Images