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Luann de Lesseps Says RHONY Cast Was ‘Relieved’ Bethenny Frankel Quit The Show!

Luann de Lesseps is spilling the tea on the upcoming twelfth season of The Real Housewives of New York City and reveals how her co-stars reacted to Bethenny Frankel's departure from the Bravo hit reality series.

“Bethenny is a lot of fun, she can be really nasty, but she’s very funny,” Luann said during her interview with SiriusXM’s Jenny McCarthy. “And you know, those are the kind of people you get up for in the morning because they challenge you. Luann went on to describe the “up and down relationship” she has with Bethenny. “She’s not an easy person to manage and I just feel like that part I’ll kind of miss because it’s challenging.”

“And you know, I’ll miss her but at the same time when you’re around her it’s like walking on egg shells.” Throwing the question back to host Jenny McCarthy, Luann asked, “I mean, how would you feel? You know her.”

“I would feel relieved as hell if I was a cast member!” Jenny quipped. “I don’t like living in those kind of environments. It’s unhealthy.”

“Oh, I think the whole cast is relieved in a way,” Luann agreed. “And it also leaves breathing room for other women to shine and show their personalities. Because a lot was Bethenny coming in and trying to steal the show.”

“But guess what?” she added, calling the upcoming season “better than ever.” “She can’t steal our show. This season is amazing, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the new season.”

As for the newest cast member, who is rumored to be Leah McSweeney, Luann said: “Our new housewife is really great,” she teased, adding “I can’t talk much about her except that she’s a great addition to the cast. She’s got backstory. She’s an interesting woman, she’s smart. She’s successful.”

Photo Credit: Bravo