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Lethabo ‘Lejoy’ Mathatho Opens Up About Joining The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg!

Lethabo ‘Lejoy’ Mathatho is an actress, a radio presenter, a producer, a philanthropist and the newest cast member to join the second season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. Lejoy is teasing what viewers can expect from her and why she decided to join the 1Magic hit reality series.

"For me, it was really to inspire young men and women from where I was born (Limpopo) to simply say: “dream it and you can achieve it”. I want them to see where I came from, and walk with me through the challenges of life, and see how much of a dreamer and hard worker I am and how I am living my dream," she told DStv about joining RHOJ. "That should be courage for them to say “it is possible”. My life is a movie, what better way to show it than on a reality show?"

When asked what is her favorite and worst part about being on the show, Lejoy said: "My favourite is getting to see myself grow from strength to strength and getting to know how to stand up and protect myself. It’s also getting to know that I am good enough, regardless of who is in the room. Just owning my worth."

Lejoy makes it clear that she and her castmates don't get to see the episodes ahead of the public, unlike the American Housewives, who get to preview the episodes ahead of time.

"I wish I could have a seat in the editors room, so I can say: “Not that ... please remove that ... oh damn that sounds good!” - just like I do with my talk show and other programmes I produce," she said. "But unfortunately, with Housewives I have to wait like all South Africans and watch episode by episode on Fridays."

Mathatho then shared her thoughts on the first season of RHOJ. "I closely observed the dynamic of each cast member and they all brought a different personality. Let’s just say I laughed, I cried, I got shocked, I was amazed and I jumped off my seat watching the first season," she told DStv.

She shares if filming impacted her life and if her husband and kids enjoyed the experience. "Not much because I was just living my life and they were filming it. This question reminds me of my quote: “it’s only when I have the microphone in my hands and camera on my face, that I become my true self”."

So which oversees Housewives does she most idenity with? "With so many different Housewives from all over the world, it’s difficult to pick and choose because I learn a lot from different individuals really," she explained. "Each one has weaknesses and strengths that I can relate to as a human being, but I would like to dine with NeNe and Kenya from Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Photo Credit: 1Magic