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Leilani Dowding Spills The Tea On RHOCheshire And Opens Up About Her Relationship With Partner Billy Duffy!

Leilani Dowding is spilling the tea on the tenth season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire and is opening up about her relationship with longtime boyfriend Billy Duffy during a recent Q&A Session via her Instagram Stories.

When asked if she enjoyed her time as a Page 3 model, Dowding said; "One of the most fun periods of my life."

Leilani then is asked if her opinion of her RHOChehsire co-stars match who they are off-camera after getting to know them, she replied: "I'd say everyone is even more of how they come across. For example: Tanya is even funnier the more you know her which is hard to imagine as she's already so funny."

"Ester has THE BIGGEST heart," she shared. "Hanna is sweet, fun and really knows how to hold herself together and how to conduct herself in tough situations."

When asked if she ever wants to get married, Leilani replied: "It isn't important to me as I don't want children. What's important to me is:"

"1. a commitment regardless of paperwork,"

"2. A similar lifetstyle, ie up early not too many late nights."

"3. Having common interests ie love walking the dogs, love animals, nature and separate interests (me with [horses] and Billy and his [motorcycle]. "

"4. Similar long term plan."

Leilani then gushes about her partner when asked if Billy is "as cool in real life as he is when he's playing his Grethsch" - to which she replied: "Even cooler because he loves all the things I love."

When asked if she's ever met any other Housewives from the U.S. installments aside from Lisa Vanderpump, she replied: "Yes @JoannaKrupa from Housewives of Miami. She's by FAR my favorite of all the housewives. An incredible animal activist. Love her."

She added: "Also Joyce Girard from RHOBH was in the same Miss Universe 98 comp as me. She repped Puerto Rico. And others, Lisa Hochstein,, Miami, Melissa Gorga, NJ. Have worn my @leilunacollection dresses."

Photo Credit: Bravo