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Leilani Dowding Says “People Think There’s Something Wrong” With Her Because She Doesn’t Want To Have Children!

Leilani Dowding has been vocal about now wanting to have children. Now, The Real Housewives of Cheshire star opens up about her decision. "The sad thing is, at the moment if you don't want children, as I have got older, I haven't wanted to have children and people think there's something wrong with me," she told The Daily Mail.

"Or they think you're an ice queen or a mean person if you don't want them, but I think motherhood is one of the most important jobs in the world. If you want to do it, do it properly."

"I love my life how it is, I don't think I would have time or make time to raise children properly how a child should be raised not because I am a bad person. Some people are like, "What's wrong this person? Every woman wants kids." It's not like that, I just don't have the energy, I love my life how it is."

She continued: "There is a stigma attached and even people who can't have children are made to feel like something is wrong with them or they should be having children. For me, I have found that. People say "You'll never know a love like having a kid", I've heard that so many times, but no, I am really happy, I love my horses and I love my dogs."

"People will say: "Yeah, but you haven't had a kid!", I've heard this about a million times and I still don't want any kids!," she told The Daily Mail. "My sister just had a niece and everyone was like, "Leilani, you are going to be so broody when your niece comes - it's flesh and blood!"

"But I wasn't, I love my niece and want to spend loads of time with her, but I get to give her back to her mum. I even went and bought another horse three months later... if this didn't make me broody then nothing probably will."

She added: "I want to be the best aunt and maybe buy her a little pony, but I'm happy being an aunty!"

Photo Credit: ITVBe