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Leilani Dowding Admits She Feels “A Bit Insecure At Times” Since Appearing On RHOCheshire!

Leilani Dowding has been open about not having any plastic surgery at the moment. However, the former Page 3 model admits that she has felt under pressure and even insecure since appearing on The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

"I just think it makes me really sad so many young people now doing it, I just don't know what it is but so many young people are doing fillers, lips, they are all morphing into one. It ages you, unless you're really old and need something doing," she told The Daily Mail.

"It does actually age you when you mess around with your face. If I went and did all my face now, people would think I was 50 trying to look 40, instead of 40 looking 40, it ages you as you see someone older trying to look younger."

"A lot of reality shows, people are doing that, if you take Game Of Thrones, you take all those female characters, all lovable and all look so different. When we all look different, it is the beauty of people, not when we all look the same. You loose the whole beauty of everyone's individuality."

"It makes me really sad, it's telling young people to not accept the way they are or do this to be better. Beauty comes from inside, someone can be beautiful but you meet that person and they're a horrible person, you view them very differently."

"I do get a lot of stick for it, lines on my forehead, I do feel a bit of pressure. When I'm with all my horsey and yoga friends with no make-up on, no one is paying attention to your looks. Then when I'm with the ladies and I'm like "Oh God, my face really is wrinkly and my boobs tiny!"

She continued: "I understand that there is that pressure out there but then you have to try and get back to normality and being grounded a  little bit, remember, it is OK to be you!"

"I said to Billy, "I don't care what anyone thinks, as long as you like how I look" and he goes "You don't even care what I think, if I did think you were wrinkly, you wouldn't change anyway!" I was like, you're right, I really don't care! For him, that's what he likes about me, I'm very comfortable in my own skin!, she told The Daily Mail."

She added: "I feel a bit insecure at times, I do have a lot more lines that the others and then I come back out and I'm with my dogs and I say: "Do you care about my lines?" Then they don't say anything because they are dogs and I'm like: "Yeah, I don't care either!"

Photo Credit: ITVBe