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LeeAnne Locken Responds To Racism Allegations After Calling Kary Brittingham A “Chirpy Mexican” In RHOD Mid-Season 4 Trailer!

LeeAnne Locken came under fire this week and was accused of being racist after Bravo released the mid-season 4 trailer of The Real Housewives of Dallas where the former carny kid is seen calling newcomer Kary Brittingham a “chirpy Mexican” in the clip.

Locken took to Twitter to address the racism allegations.

"I stupidly repeated what SHE has been calling herself all season," she tweeted. "I may be an asshole but I'm not racist."

"I'm not now or have I ever been a racist. Bitch! Asshole! Hell even a C*nt but never racist."

She continued: "I REPEATED stupidly what SHE had been calling herself all season. Was I an asshole? YES! Racist? not in a million years! Grandma didn't raise me like that!"

LeeAnne then tweeted, "Apparently I could have called her a chimpy C word and that would have been fine. But because I repeated what she called we are."

After a follower asked her to "own" her racism, LeeAnne clapped back. "If I was I would but I'm not. Mexican is a nationality. I simply repeated what she called herself. I don't deny being a shitty person! Just not a racist."

A follower also called her out over the "chihuahua" comment, which she responded with: "Do you remember in Season 1 when I called Brandi that? Maybe not a great phrase but no racist intention."

She added: "Mexican is her NATIONALITY not her ethnicity. She called herself that REPEATEDLY. So I repeated. And I apologized."

Photo Credit: Getty Images