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Lance Bass Says Lisa Vanderpump Is ‘Doing Great’ After Leaving RHOBH!

Lance Bass is sharing an update on how Lisa Vanderpump is doing since leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “We just had dinner a couple of weeks ago. You know, we have our weekly dinners. Vanderpump dinners, like, one of the best things ever because it lasts about five hours. And, you know, we get a little wine down us and we just laugh the whole time,” he told Us Weekly.

“But she’s doing great. I mean, for the last year, she’s been very down. I mean, it’s been a hard year for her, her family situation. Of course, the girls turning on her, but it was nice to see her smile again and you know, she’s back to Lisa.”

LVP shared a link of the article on Twitter and thanks Bass for having her back. "To @LanceBass : You're everything a friend should be," she tweeted, adding a heart and kiss emojis.

Last month, Bass revealed that he has “been trying to get her to leave that show for years.”

“I kept telling her like, ‘Look, one season these girls are going to take you down. They are going to plan. They are going to meet up’ … and they did. They waited years to bring her down,” said Bass, “they went hard at her.”

Bass admitted with a laugh that there was “kind of” an “I told you so text” exchanged between the two. “But you know, Lisa has such a huge heart and, you know, she’s one of those people also that I say, ‘Don’t read the comments.’ But she’s one of those people that she wants everyone to like her,” Bass told PEOPLE Now. “She wants to prove, ‘No, no, I mean this.’ And you can’t change everyone’s minds.”

Bass believes Vanderpump’s costars allegedly brought her down because “they’re jealous, c’mon now.”

“She was the queen, queen bee,” Bass said. “So of course a lot of jealousy comes in, and Lisa has this wicked sense of humor, this British humor that a lot of people don’t get. So she’s always poking, she’s always making fun, which I love.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images