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Kary Brittingham On LeeAnne Locken: “She Was Just Very Difficult To Get To Know”

Kary Brittingham opens up about her issues with Real Housewives of Dallas co-star LeeAnne Locken. "She loves to criticize, and likes to give s**t to a lot of people but, you know, when you do it to her, she plays the victim and, 'Oh my gosh!' She makes the biggest thing out of it," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"When you do a little bit to her, she just makes this big scene and cries and, 'Oh my gosh, everybody is out to get me!'"

Kary felt like LeeAnne was "really negative" and "complaining about everything" during their first cast trip in Mexico this season, which the two butted heads a lot.

"She always just got under my skin," Kary remarks.

"When people are like that I just tend to just ignore them," she goes on to offer. "She was just very difficult to get to know. I feel like she just kind of had a wall up, actually, towards me and I think she kind of already had [it decided that] I wasn't gonna like her, which I think is very, very not accurate at all."

"Every time I would meet with her, I would try to see what was going on and try to understand her and her whole relationship with D'Andra [Simmons], you know?" Kary offers.

Kary claims she was always friendly with Locken before joining the Bravo hit reality series.

"Every time I was around her, she would make it hard for me to open the door," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, I kept trying to figure her out, and understand her and I know she would tell me about her struggles in life and her past."

Photo Credit: Bravo