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Joanna Krupa Shows Off Her Baby Bump While Wearing A Bikini In Maternity Photoshoot — See Pics Here!

Joanna Krupa is pregnant, expecting her first child with husband Douglas Nunes. The former Real Housewives of Miami star showed off her baby bump in a series of gorgeous maternity shots courtesy via PEOPLE.

“I always admired women that were pregnant, and to me it’s such a beautiful moment in a woman’s life. I wanted to make sure it’s captured,” Krupa told PEOPLE.

The mother-to- be posed in a bikini on the beach, cradling her bump, as the sun sets behind her.

“I saw some inspirational maternity photos online and really fell in love [with] and [was] inspired by the sunset moments,” she says. “I love all the photos, but my favorite are the sunset ones.”

Krupa continues, “Women are like superheroes. The fact our bodies are built to create a little human being is beyond amazing, and I want to embrace that and show that a pregnant woman can still be beautiful, sexy and full of confidence while creating this miracle.”

“I feel blessed because my pregnancy overall has been easy until now, the last month,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s getting a little harder because I am more tired, but I won’t complain as I have heard some horror stories of women being sick for nine months. I guess I’m getting off easy compared to some, but I won’t hold my breath as I’m not due until Nov. 4, so anything can change.”

Krupa also says that she and Nunes are still working on a name for their little one. “I love Sophie Grace but my husband isn’t sold on it, so we are still trying to figure it out,” she says. “My husband is Irish and Portuguese and I’m Polish, so we are trying to find a double name that covers all.”

Though the Polish model admits she’s “super scared of labor,” she told PEOPLE, “I know with my husband and my mom on my side, I will be fine. After all, millions of women [have given] birth so I think I will be fine, as I am a pretty tough cookie and it takes a lot to break me.”