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Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Is Trying To Block Their Assets From Being Seized In His $1.2 Million Lawsuit!

Dorit Kemsley's husband Paul "PK" Kemsley is pleading with a judge to not allow their bank accounts to be seized, as part of his ongoing $1.2 million legal battle. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband is asking a judge to block his creditor’s collections attempts.

In the newly filed court documents, PK demands the judge shut down Dorit’s account from being seized. He also argues his UK bank can't legally be touched.

PK says UK law prohibits his bank account from being seized. He argues he has no right to the assets in the account.

In regard to his wife's bank account, PK says there is no evidence he deposited money into it. He says Dorit can’t be liable for debt he incurred prior to their marriage.

He adds, “Here, the Kirzis notes were incurred in 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Kemsley were married in 2015, and Mrs. Kemsley’s earnings have always been kept in a separate account with no commingling with any community property.”

Kemsley says, “Accordingly, as the Court agreed earlier, Mrs. Kemsley’s earnings are not liable for the Kirzis debt.” The case is ongoing.

As previously reported, PK owes $1.2 million to Nicos Kirzis who loaned him money back in 2011. He is accusing Kemsley of not paying a dime for years and PK even tried to wipe the debt clean in bankruptcy.

Kirzis said Kemsley recently made a payment of $250,000 but that only covered the interest that racked up for years, leaving a remaining balance still of $1,235,573.66.

The creditor explains he recently garnished PK’s City National Bank account that he shares with his wife Dorit for $29,634.10, reports The Blast.

Photo Credit: Getty Images