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D’Andra Simmons Calls Out LeeAnne Locken For Calling Her A ‘Fat Cow’ On RHOD — LeeAnne Responds And Apologizes; Says “What I Said Was WRONG! There’s NO EXCUSE”

D'Andra Simmons took to Twitter to call out LeeAnne Locken for "body shaming" her during Wednesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. During the episode, newcomer Kary Brittingham defended Simmons from Locken for not inviting her to her bridal shower.

A very drunk and irritated Locken made a poor choice and referred to Simmons as a "fat cow" to her wedding planner after her heated conversation with Brittingham.

"I thought we were working on a friendship after Mexico... I can't believe I'm getting slammed and being called a "fat cow," she tweeted, adding the hashtags "#FatShaming #BodyShaming #CurvesAreBeautiful #TheBodyPositive #RHOD @BravoTV"

She continued: "After tonight's #RHOD episode, this proud, healthy size 6 is coming out swinging on behalf of every woman in the world - especially, my people, the curvy ones. #LoveYourBody #CurvesAreBeautiful #TheBodyPositive #BodyShaming #FatShaming #JenniferLopez #KimKardashian"

Simmons then took to twitter to thank Kary for "sticking up" for her. "Thank you @karybrittingham for speaking your mind and sticking up for a true friend!," she wrote. "That meant the world to me"

Brittingham responded: "Friends should always do that"

D'Andra added: "Now you see LeeAnne's true colors... Why should I keep apologizing and extending an olive branch? She's truly rude.. and that's how she lives her life on and off camera #RHOD"

Meanwhile, Locken addressed the topic on Twitter by sharing an audio clip of an episode of D'Andra's podcast along with the caption:

"What I said was WRONG! There's NO EXCUSE for name calling! However, I'm NOT the only one who talks about other peoples weight... "You don't put a skirt on TREE TRUNKS" D'Andra told her assistant.," she wrote, adding "#TRUTHBOMB"

Locken added: "I personally called her to apologize. My drunken statement would NEVER have been said to her, a cast member or to a camera! I was angry and spouted off. NO EXCUSE, why I made a personal apology."

Photo Credit: Bravo